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Imaverol Ringworm Treatment - 100ml

Imaverol Ringworm Treatment - 100ml


Imaverol Ringworm Treatment is a brown, yellow viscous liquid aimed to treat ringworm or dermatomycoses, a skin infection caused by fungus. It is used diluted in water on skin for cattle, horses and dogs. It contains 100mg Enilconazole per ml. 
How To Use:
Dilute 1 part imaverol fungicidal wash in 50 parts lukewarm water - e.g. dilute 20ml imaverol fungicidal wash to make 1 litre of imaverol emulsion. Only dilute the quantity needed to treat animal immediately. Before treating remove any crusts on the animal with a hard brush. Imaverol can be sued to soak the crusts. It is highly recommended that the animal is sprayed entirely at the first treatment so that areas surrounding the infection are reached as well.
Horses: areas of infection and surrounding skin should be washed with imaverol 4 times, at 3-4 day intervals.
Use On: 
Cattle, horses, dogs
Standard Dosage: 
One part Imaverol to 50 parts lukewarm water, to be applied to lesions and the surrounding skin, 4 times at 3 day intervals.

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