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Animec Horse Wormer Paste - 7.49g

Animec Horse Wormer Paste - 7.49g


A white paste containing 18.7mg/g ivermectin for the treatment of nematode or arthropod infections in horses due to large strongyles, small strongyles, ascarids, pinworms, neck threadworms and stomach bots. This product is formulated for use in only horses.
Use On:
You should ensure that any medicines given to your horse are in compliance with the section IX declation in your horse passport.
Do not use in horses with known hypersensitivity to the active substance. 
Do not use in dogs or cats as severe adverse reactions may be the result of this. 
Animec can be used on mares at any stage of pregnancy or lactation. 
One syringe division per 100kg of bodyweight based on a recommended dosage of 200 micrograms ivermectin per kg bodyweight.
The syringe contains enough paste to treat 700kg of bodyweight.
The horse's bodyweight should be accurately measured in order to use the correct dose of the paste. 
To be administered orally.
The syringe tip should be insertert in the gap between the front and back teeth (the interdental space). The paste should then be deposited on the base of the tongue. 
Advance the plunger as far as it can go. Deposit the medication on the base of the tongue. 
To ensure swallowing, elevate the horse's head immediately. 
Withdrawal period:
Meat and offal: 34 days
Do not use in mares that produce milk for human consumption.


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This medicine is classified POM-VPS. Murray Farmcare has suitably qualified personnel who can prescribe and dispense them.