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Equest Paste - New Pack Size

Equest Paste - New Pack Size


A clear palatable gel for the treatment of large strongyles, small strongyles in adult and intraluminul stages, ascands, pinworms, stomach worms, intestinal threadworms and bots in horses. It contains 18.92mg/g Moxidectin and 37.84mg/g Benzyl Alcohol and 0.24mg/g Disodium Edetate as preservatives. Equest paste has the longest recommended dosing interval of any routine wormer at 13 weeks.
Use On:
Horses and ponies
Suitable for pregnant or lactating mares and foals from four months of age.
Do not administer to young foals less than 4 months of age.
You should ensure that any medicines given to your horse are in compliance with the section IX declation in your horse passport.
It comes in a weight marked syringe plunger calibrated per 25kg that delivers the right dosage according to the horse's weight.
One syringe is sufficient to treat 700kg.
For oral administration as a single dose. 
1 x syringe.

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This medicine is classified POM-VPS. Murray Farmcare has suitably qualified personnel who can prescribe and dispense them.