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Topspec Anti-Lam - 15kg

Topspec Anti-Lam - 15kg


Topspec Antilam is a pelleted product, it looks like a balancer, is fed at the same rate as a balancer, but it is not a balancer. Antilam is in fact a brilliant formulation combining several supplements with a high-fibre, very low-calorie carrier to make it palatable.
Most overweight ponies and some overweight horses are susceptible to laminitis. This has a great formulation which combines several supplements with a high-fibre, low-calories carrier making it palatable. Trials at Middle Park Laminitis Research Unit have shown horses and ponies on restricted grazing will not gain any weight when fed this. 
It is so palatable that is can be fed out of your hand to horses and ponies at pasture providing vital nutritional support. 
Use On:
Horses and ponies either susceptible to or recovering from laminitis.
How To Use:
This product should be fed on its own with forage. The forage can be in the form of late-cut hay or unmolassed chops. 
Once horses and ponies have recovered from laminitis, they can stay on AntiLam permanently.
High levels of biotin and pure protected yeast. Also contains multiple vitamins such as vitamin E, A and C.
Extra Features: 
Recommended feeding rate - 100g per 110kg bodyweight daily.
Other Information:
For pricing and delivery costs please contact us with details of the quantity required and the delivery address. We are able to provide a delivery service for individual bags of horse feed and can also arrange pallet loads of feed on request.

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