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Nettex Gut Balancer

Nettex Gut Balancer

Keeps the gut healthy and functioning its best all year round. Helps to reduce acidity, enhance condition, provide quick and effective relief from gastric discomfort, maintains weight, calms irritable horses and alleviates vices such as crib biting and wind sucking. Contains Diamond V (a concentrated yeast culture). 750g is a thirty day supply
- Maintain a healthy stomach with normal acid levels
- Maintain and enhance condition
- Maintain good digestive health
- Calm irritable horses, often showing improvement within 3-5 days
- Maintain weight and effective vitamin, mineral and nutrient absorption
- Promotes healthy skin and coat condition
Horses up to 500kg: feed 25gm twice a day for 3 days. 
Ponies: feed 20gm a day for 3 days.
Diamond V, mannan oligosaccharides, fructo oligosaccharides, brewers yeast, saccharomyces cereviase, contains no glucose

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